Cold Weather Fitness Tips!

mountains on winter sunny day

Honey… it’s COLD outside! Many of you are still coming to class with Shorts and thin sweaters and freezing to death during bicep curls! So keep in mind the following tips during this Cold Snap we are having:

  • Bring Gloves. Not the cheap $1 ones either. Some good, insulated gloves. In fact, leave a pair in your car.
  • Wear Chapstick. Go buy a pack of 3 at the dollar store and leave 1 in your car.
  • Put hot water or decaf green tea in your bottle and by the end of class, it will be lukewarm.
  • Wear layers and a coat or vest that covers your derriere. You will be cold during stretch time.
  • Invest in pair of Ear muffs. The are great for the first 15 min of class!
  • Wear those grey, ugly work socks or get a pair of outdoor Goretex runners. (Feet get COLD)
  • Bring Kleenex or a roll of toilet paper ( leave it in the car)
  • Take a multi vitamin, a chewable Vitamin D and drink lots of decaf Green tea!!!!

Last but not least, be prepared before class. Sleep in your workout clothes or have them right by your bed. Keep your stuff in the car if you are  rushing to class on the way home. If you fail to plan… you will PLAN TO FAIL!  Go easy on the sweet stuff and caffeine as they will lower your immune system in the long run. Don’t wait for a perfect day friends……it won’t be here until June!!!!! See you at class dear bootcampers. We love you all xoxoxoxox

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Work Burnout and Halloween Candy

Feeling burnt out at work? At home? In life? This happens to many of us and there are simple ways to tell if it’s happening to you! They are:

Feeling tired all the time, not finding joy in things you used to enjoy, feeling irritable and snappy, Reduced ability to concentrate, Pessimism, Feelings of being overwhelmed, insomnia, weight-gain, sore back or tightness in the shoulders/neck. – These are just some of the signs that you may be experiencing some kind of burn out. Your body is sending you signs, so take them seriously. YOU hold the key to prevention!

Here are some things you can do to prevent this burn out:

Don’t say ‘YES’ all the time! Start saying ‘No’ and setting some boundaries in your life. A ‘Yes person’ will burnout so much faster than someone who says No sometimes. It’s ok you know, the world won’t fall apart!

Play. Do something you enjoy. Don’t know what you enjoy? What did you enjoy when you were 10 years old?? What did you want to do with your life ? That is what you have probably forgotten about. Think about it.

Limit your Social Media time. It is ADDICTIVE (not your fault) and we can begin to ‘compare’ to others and become jealous. Take a break and limit it. Be mindful of what you, yourself post too. Unfollow those who make you feel crappy about yourself.

Get your full 8 hours of sleep. Did you know 100 years ago the average sleep time was 9.5 hours? If you can… NAP and recharge that battery! (Yes I do it everyday I am a total Grandma lol)

Talk with people. Schedule Face to face time.  You will release some wonderful endorphins and get out of yourself and the ‘me me me ‘ trap.

Don’t skip breakfast! EAT! And stop eating 12 hours before you eat breakfast. So if you get up and eat at 7am, your cutoff time should be 7pm. Give those poor organs a chance to fast and renew themselves. You don’t need to buy a  ‘cleanse’ just do this each night and your organs will cleanse themselves.

Limit Caffeine and stay away from Halloween Candy! You will get a ‘sugar high’ followed by a horrible low. Sucks to be an adult, I know!

EXERCISE! If you are not exercising, start now. 30 min a day at least. Walk, bike, run, gym… WHATEVER just go for goodness sakes!

Remember, you are not alone! Schedule in some breaks, do things you enjoy and just say NO sometimes. Take care of yourself and ask for help! It’s ok to need help and reach out. Oh and in the meantime…. DO SOME BURPEES!!!! 


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Adam lost 19 lbs in 6 weeks!

We are so proud of Adam from New Westminster! It’s a good thing he won a Sport Chek card because none of his clothes fit him anymore! Adam says he can’t wait to see how he’ll be feeling by the end of the year! It’s amazing what cutting out sugar and alcohol can do, not to mention kick butt bootcamp workouts! mikeclient

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Exercise and the ‘bikini body’

bikiniWe have all seen fitness ads featuring the ‘bikini body’ and why you should exercise to achieve it. Do you agree? We don’t. If you have a body… then guess what… you have a bikini body! You can wear a bikini, a speedo, short shorts or a Borat bathing suit if you want. Why not? Who says you can’t? Exercising to achieve a certain body type is not something that will motivate you long-term. We all come in so many shapes and sizes, why not just be the BEST version of your own self? What does that mean? It means feeling great in the body you have. Being able to get up all those stairs and not be winded, or chase your kid around the park and be able to keep up! It means being in a state of mind that is positive and greatful and getting OUT of self pity. There is no better sabotage trap than comparing ourselves to others! Focus on yourself and how you can improve your awesomeness , then you can start to think about how to improve your life. At Survivor bootcamp we strive to create a sense of community in our classes. We have all levels of fitness in class including those with pre-existing conditions who we like to call the ‘physio corner’. Our trainers are here to motivate and coach you and get the results you deserve. Don’t believe us? Check out our 5 star google pages and FB reviews! If you haven’t tried a free class yet, get out of your comfort zone and drive over to one of our locations today! We’d love to help you achieve success! 

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False Creek 1 year Anniversary Special!

Hard to believe it’s already been 1 year since our False Creek location opened! To celebrate, if you purchase a 4 week pass starting October 23rd, you get a week FREE! Just our little way of saying Thank-you! Don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions and remember that you can always try a free class before you commit. Don’t wait until the end of the year to make your ‘resolution’. Start now and feel and look your best for the end of 2017. You owe it to yourself. See you on the False Creek Seawall.  Click here for more info   Jonathon:


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