Lois Wager Trainer in South Burnaby

Lois_WagerWhat kind of a trainer are you?
Outgoing, motivating and promise to deliver a sweat-filled workout!

When did you become a trainer?
I just recently became a trainer. I was attending Bootcamp for 4 years and lost 50lbs. I love it so much I bought my own franchise!

Why should anyone join your class?
My classes are well organized, fun and no matter what your fitness level, you will be challenged.

What do your classes look like?
Each day is different. You will never have the same workout twice. We do a lot of interval training/cross training and make it a well rounded, tough workout.

What should people bring?
Please bring a yoga mat, weights and lots of water.

Any other info that is relevant to your class?
I will take measurements on the first/last day. Be prepared to be challenged!


Marlborough Elementary
6060 Marlborough Ave
Burnaby, BC
Phone: (778) 388 9205
Email: southburnaby@survivorfitness.com

Class Schedule
Monday – Friday: 6am, 6pm

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