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What should I eat before/after bootcamp?

We often get asked this question during class so here are some wonderful ideas to help you make healthy decisions:

  • If you are doing the 6am class, have 1/2 a banana before class if you need to. Chances are you will be getting up at 5:30 so eating too much within that 30 minutes may give you cramps. Be sure to have 1 glass of water as well.
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5 keys to fitness success!

work-1Stuck in a Rut? Finding it hard to keep exercise a priority? Remember these 5 key tips to help you stay focused: 

  1. Create a ‘community’ of friends with the same goals as you – The chances of you skipping a workout is much less if you have people to be accountable to! Post things you do on your social media and get even more motivation.
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Trainers.. we need you!

Survivor bootcamp is looking for trainers who are passionate about outdoor fitness! We run outdoor bootcamps in different parts of the city and have demand for more! If you think you may like to teach one near you let us know and we’d love you to join our team. Currently seeking instructors for :

Richmond, Whiterock, Cloverdale, West van, North Van and more!… Read the rest

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How old are your runners?

Did you know many people get injured because of ill-fitting or old runners? Be sure to replace them every 5-6 months even if you think they still look new. Runners have built in ‘shocks’ that wear down over time (after about 500km or so they are done). If you continue to run/exercise in them, you will get ‘shin-splints’, sore joints, plantar fasciitis or even back pain!… Read the rest

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Squats and Lunges … necessary evils!

If you’ve been in any Survivor Bootcamp session, you’ve definitely been exposed to both squats and lunges, the quintessential leg exercises. While you undoubtedly hate one of these two movements (especially when they become part of a compound exercise – like the squat parI stock 3 febt in a burpee), both squats and lunges are ideal for building leg strength!

A squat can be performed in various ways:  by using a barbell, holding dumbbells at the sides, or even with a Swiss Ball or with no added weight at all!  … Read the rest

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