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The weather is FINALLY  co-operating and it is getting hot quickly! Here are a few tips for exercising in the heat:

  1. Wear sunscreen on your face, neck and hands!  Unless you want age spots, in that case, please don’t wear any….
  2.  Bring a spray bottle to cool yourself down when those burpees suck the life out of you…
  3. Pack a little towel or wrist band to wipe your never-ending forehead sweat…
  4. Bring 2 bottles of water with lots of ice to quench your unquenchable thirst….
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5 Reasons to Franchise!

  1. A franchise company will help you with setup, training, advertising and provide you with lots of support.
  2. Most franchise companies have great reputation and longstanding clients so the chances of success are much higher. (Think Starbucks)
  3. Franchising can be a great way to be your own boss without having to go it alone.
  4. It’s a proven fact that being part of a great team increases your chances for success.
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Adrian down 24 lbs

24 lbs down and feeling great! This father of 2 really pushed his limits and got into amazing shape!
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What should I eat before/after bootcamp?

We often get asked this question during class so here are some wonderful ideas to help you make healthy decisions:

  • If you are doing the 6am class, have 1/2 a banana before class if you need to. Chances are you will be getting up at 5:30 so eating too much within that 30 minutes may give you cramps. Be sure to have 1 glass of water as well.
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6 week Spring Challenge starts March 29th!

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to GET FIT! What are you training for? A mud run, a 5km a half marathon? Whatever it is, our trainers can help you train safely and smart!  Join our fitness minded community and be accountable! The 6 week ‘Spring Training Challenge’ starts March 29th at a location near you! Get 6 weeks of bootcamp for the price of 4, food plans and all the motivation you will ever need to help you reach your goals!… Read the rest

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