5 Tips to stay on track this winter!

It’s easy to get side-tracked and skip your workout when the weather isn’t co-operating ! Try doing these 5 things each day and stay on track!

  1. Do your workout at home: If you really can’t get outside due to snow and ice, then get out your mat and do it at home!  Even if it’s 3 times a day for 10 minutes, it’s better than nothing! Try a set of 500 reps. All your exercises must equal 500.You’re sure to get a sweat on if you do that!
  2. Track your food in a food journal: Overeating is very common in the winter months. Write your meal plan down the night before. Studies show you are less likely to overeat if you follow your food plan! Try Baked apples with cinnamon at night. My fave!
  3. Share your intentions on social media!: Sharing your fitness plans can help keep you accountable when the voice in your head gets too loud and tells you to watch netflix instead! (Don’t worry about haters they can always ‘unfollow’ you….lol
  4. Buy some new workout gear and have it right by your bed: A new pair of runners will help boost motivation when you feel like sleeping in. Keep everything right by your bed (or even sleep in it!!) So you have no excuses if you’re working out in the morning.
  5.  Put on music:  Find your favorite upbeat soundtrack and crank it! Music releases endorphins and makes you feel great!

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Disa..80lbs down WOW!



This is what hard work, healthy eating and persistence can do! It’s not easy getting up at 5:30am for a workout , especially when it’s dark and gloomy outside. Packing your own lunch and taking time to chop your veggies etc. is an integral part of living healthy! This black dress had to be taken in a few times because it was still too big! WOW! – We at Survivor Bootcamp are very inspired by Disa. She now runs 10km and is a workout machine! So happy to have her in class, we thrive on getting people the results they want!

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Combat the blue mood!

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Rain is here and so are blue moods!  Here are 5 ways to combat that dreading non-energetic feeling!

If you have been waking up feeling a little less vibrant than your usual self, you’re not alone.
A combination of this cold-gloomy weather, dark days, work-stress, slowly disappearing motivation and just the simple fact that it’s Fall, all conspire to drag down people’s moods. But instead of caving into this sorrow, here are 5 suggestions on how to turn your mood around today and the rest of the year!

Join a fitness group

It’s a proven fact that accountability will help you keep fit. Find a local hike/run group and join! There are plenty on meetup.com or come and try a free class at any of our 8 location in BC. ‘I regretted’ that workout…. said NO ONE!

Take a Social Break
We can get through anything in life with a good friend on our life. Whether it’s stopping by a co-worker’s desk, at a neighbour’s home, or making a quick phone call to a friend or relative, taking a few minutes out of our day and chat with those who put us in a good mood which can make all the difference in your having a good day.

Make a Hearty Meal to Share
Gloomy days are the perfect excuse to stay in for dinner and cook up a warm yet nutritious meal. Studies have proven that regular servings of whole fruits and vegetables tend to lift the mood. Include colourful fruit and veggies in all your meals.

Take Care of Yourself
There’s no better time of the year than now to take care of you. Whether it’s by meditation, taking a walk, reading motivational quotes, or writing in your journal, today is the day to take the time to do what helps you relax. Download a free motivational quote app on your phone.

Share Positive Thoughts
Whether it’s by Facebooking, tweeting or talking to those around you, share positive quotes or happy pictures which can help to ease the negatives on days like today for you and others.

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5 keys to fitness success!

work-1Stuck in a Rut? Finding it hard to keep exercise a priority? Remember these 5 key tips to help you stay focused: 

  1. Create a ‘community’ of friends with the same goals as you – The chances of you skipping a workout is much less if you have people to be accountable to! Post things you do on your social media and get even more motivation. (Don’t worry about the haters…)
  2. Have a food and exercise journal – Write down your mini goals each month and track what you are doing and eating. Create new mini goals each month and find a friend to join you! (The sun run, a mini tri, grouse grind, 5km run, etc.)
  3.  Meditate and visualize each day for a few minutes – Don’t laugh. The universe has a way of giving you what you attract.  If you’re always negative and finding excuses to procrastinate you will also attract that into your life. The voice in your head needs to be programmed for success.
  4.  Keep runners in your car and workplace – Find a walk/run partner at work and go on your break. (Who cares if get sweaty bring extra deodorant, wipes and dry shampoo.  Exercise doesn’t need to be a consecutive hour it can be 10 min whenever you can)
  5. Budget your money and join an exercise program you are interested in – Chances of dropping out after you actually paid for something are less. If it’s boring you will lose interest so make sure you actually like it! Set yourself up for success with these tools and let us help you reach your goals!
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